For potential Bachelor and Master students

BSc and MSc students from the RuG or other Dutch and International universities are welcome to apply for an internship! Either send an email to Clemens or drop by the office (5116.0237) to discuss possible projects.

For potential PhD students

As a PhD student in our group you will research at the interface of chemistry and biology. You will learn to repurpose orthogonal translation systems for enzyme engineering, small molecule catalyst development, or for drug discovery efforts. Students with the ability to acquire independent funding are welcome and the application process will be supported by us.

For potential Postdocs

A background in both organic synthesis and chemical biology is ideal for potential candidates. Postdoctoral researchers will be expected to write independent research proposals for projects in the group. We are committed to support promising grant applications of talented candidates. Please provide a CV and indicate in your cover letter which funding sources you are eligible for ( e.g. Marie Curie, DAAD, Schroedinger, etc.).